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Chiropractic is a healing art that has as its primary concern the structure and function of the human spine. It originated in Davenport, Iowa in 1895 when D.D. Palmer, a self-taught healer, is said to have manipulated (or adjusted) the spine of a deaf janitor whose hearing was then restored. Palmer went on to adjust the spines of others suffering from a variety of ailments.
As it was first conceived, misaligned vertebrae ("subluxations") pressed upon spinal nerves as they branched off the spinal cord and exited the spine between the vertebrae. This pressure or irritation interfered with the life force (which Palmer called innate intelligence) transmitted through nerves to all parts of the body. Palmer believed he had discovered THE CAUSE of most if not all disease. The cure, of course, was to adjust the bones of the spine to remove interference to the body's natural ability to remain healthy.
Although some chiropractors still adhere to this theory, most chiropractors today primarily treat back pain, neck pain, and other musculoskeletal conditions with spinal adjustments, massage, physical therapy modalities, and exercise. A large body of scientific research published in the last 10 to 15 years supports chiropractic methods of treatment. Chiropractic continues to change as our understanding of the musculoskeletal system grows. The effects of posture, muscle balance, activity, stress, and trauma on the structure and function of the spine and extremities are the focus of chiropractic today.
We provide chiropractic care that is appropriate to our patients' conditions using treatments that are proven to be safe and effective.
Our focus is on the diagnosis and treatment of back, neck, and other musculoskeletal problems with short-term, goal-oriented care to relieve pain and restore function.
We teach self-care — including exercises — so that patients continue to improve between treatments and stay better when treatment ends.
We believe that chiropractic care complements primary health care services. Referrals between medical physicians and chiropractors serve the best interests of patients.
SpineCare doctors are credentialed providers in many HMOs and other managed care plans.

SpineCare Chiropractic Group is an independent practice association. All offices are independently owned and operated.

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